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Boooty in the water – A Summer day in Lusaka

Twerking in Water

Boooty in the water – A Summer day in Lusaka. As I just finished setting up my new iPhone Xs I thought let me take it for a test drive and explore a bit of Facebook. A friend request from there and a like from there until a live video caught my attention.

First thing I saw was boooty shaking in the water and I wondered really what the video was about. It’s strange how the video was paused on such a point with a play sign right in front of me, I thought why not.

Twerking in Water

I hit play and I gotta say I was not disappointed I thought to myself I have to share this with a few people and I thought why not email my favourite blog and share this amazing video, I decided to call it Boooty in the water as that is the only thing that came to mind.

I wondered to myself if these beautiful ladies were a popular dance group or what but they really did get my attention. One certainly looked like she was a Fitness Bunnie or one of those ladies into fitness and training but hey all I just thought was Boooty in the water.

Normal people were busy liking and commenting on the video but I thought this video didn’t want any of that, it wants sharing and downloading so I can reshare. Right now as I draft this email to my favourite Online tabloid I am watching the video again this time on my Samsung 4K UHD TV and you can imagine what the curves of the screen are doing to the curves in the swimming pool.

Anyways, I am told its a normal day for ladies in Lusaka especially in a sunny day like today. I thought maybe if every weekend is like this then I might stop paying for my DStv or GoTV as Facebook is now providing my entertainment through live videos, and yes I set notifications so that I know every time she is Live. Watch the video below…

I wonder what you think after watching this video, do you wish to watch more videos from these beautiful ladies? Tell us in comments and will get you hooked as well.

Update: Meet Rita, the lady behind the Boooty in the water video, in pictures and more…

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