Home Videos Boootylicious Corazon Kwamboka amazing in the Pool

Boootylicious Corazon Kwamboka amazing in the Pool

Corazon Kwamboka

Boootylicious Corazon Kwamboka amazing in the Pool and we love seeing her. The beautiful Kenyan Celeb took to Instagram to share her experience and we are loving every moment of it.

Chilling and having fun in the swimming pool, Corazon said: “I love being in a beautiful resort, drinking a martini and taking plunges into clear water #solotraveller”

Corazon Kwamboka in the swimming pool
Corazon Kwamboka in the swimming pool

The solo traveller as she is calling herself is in Tanzania and is having a good time. From spending a whole lot of time in the gym, our favourite curvy celeb is taking some time off to chill and relax.

Corazon Kwamboka
Just enjoying my life!!!

She had this to say with one of her pictures: “I post pics like this once in a blue moon, my protectors, advisors and my Instagram parents can manage for today. Still!!!!! No se-xual comments 😬. Enjoying my holiday, enjoy your evening too 😘”

Corazon Kwamboka

Looking behind the beautiful curvy Corazon Kwamboka, you see she is in a beautiful resort and it looks like paradise. This is the paradise on earth where Corazon Kwamboka will be staying for the next few days. We can’t help but admire the amazing scenery. It really is a beautiful place…

Corazon on vacay
My home for the next week. I take good pics though🧞‍♀️ #solotravel

Watch more from her Instagram. She is having some amazing food and most of all she is relaxing.

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