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Bowman Lusambo: I’ve never met Mercy Cowham

Chella Tukuta says its Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo who owes Zambians an apology

Former Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has reiterated that he has never met Mercy Cowham before.

Responding to the recent allegations.made by Mercy in interview with Simon Mwewa, Mr. Lusambo says it is for this reason that he has taken the matter to the Lusaka High Court for final resolution.

He says he has sued Mercy for defamation and for the court to order a DNA test to dismiss the claims that he is the father and put the matter to final rest.

Lusambo says he sympathizes with Mercy as she clearly could be a mental patient.

He said the young lady needs psychiatric help and not media attention.

He says Mercy’s claims first came to his attention in 2019 when she went to Legal Aid Clinic for Women in Lusaka and made the said claims.

He says he expressed profound shock at the allegations as he has never met Mercy in his entire life.

He said following further investigations, Legal Aid Clinic dropped the case.

He says he later heard about Mercy defrauding young people seeking employment.

Police reports in Kitwe showed that Mercy had told the young people that her father, Mr. Bowman Lusambo, would help them get jobs on the mines.

He has called for a speedy trial in the Lusaka High Court so that the episode could be put behind as it was embarrassing his family.

He urged the media to speak to Mercy’s family that know her status and the fathers of the children.

He also said after watching the interview that was done by Simon Mwewa, he is convinced that Mercy needs help. He says her entire story is false as all the details stated can be disproved by known facts.

Lusambo says he is constrained to speak about a matter that is actively in the High Court as doing so will be subjudice and prejudicial.

Mercy has 3 children and is pregnant with another. She claims that Mr. Lusambo is the father to all the children.

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