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Drama as Kitwe man claims he is father to Bowman Lusambo’s alleged children

A 28-year-old man of Kitwe is seeking to be joined in the paternity claim involving Mercy Colham and Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo as he is allegedly the father of Chipego, the first child that Mercy claims was fathered by Mr. Lusambo.
Luckson Nyawali, a mineral analyst based in Kitwe says he is also ready to undergo a DNA test and will be applying to the Courts to compel Mercy to also release Chipego’s DNA samples for analysis.

He said he has decided to speak now after observing how Mercy wants to use their child to blackmail Mr. Lusambo through social media.

Nyawali narrated that he met Mercy in 2013 in Chipata when they both attended Grade 12 Extra Tuitions at Hillside Basic School.

He said Mercy fell pregnant in 2014 and they agreed to start cohabiting until she left for Luanshya a few months later and delivered a baby girl at Roan Mine Hospital in Luanshya.

Nyawali added that the baby was named Chipego by a Mr Musange who is Mercy’s brother in law who kept her in Luanshya.

He says he has not seen Chipego since 2017 when Mercy last brought her to Chipata and is now demanding custody of the child.

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