Bowman Lusambo dissolves the Kabushi Mobilisation Committee

Patriotic Front Copperbelt Mobilisation Coordinator Bowman Lusambo has dissolved the PF Kabushi Mobilisation Committee for allegedly working with an independent aspiring candidate and the opposition.

Mr Lusambo, who is also Lusaka Province Minister, says the Mobilisation Committee was not working within it’s mandate and had gone against the ideals of the ruling party.

Speaking when he unveiled the new PF Kabushi Mobilisation Committee headed by it’s Chairlady Getrude Mwenya, Mr Lusambo tasked the team to ensure President LUNGU gets 100 percent votes in the Constituency during the general election.

He added that Kabushi has received a fair share of development and it will be easy for the mobilisation committee to campaign.

Meanwhile, Mr Lusambo empowered all 120 branches in four Wards with a 120 thousand Kwacha revolving fund.

Speaking after holding meetings in various wards, Mr Lusambo said he will continue providing revolving funds to boast the branches so that they become self sustaining financially.


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