Bowman Lusambo dragged to court over Koswe

A Journalist who also is an employee of the UPND has sued Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo in the Lusaka High Court for defamation.

In a statement of claim filed in court, Cheelo Katambo states that on 15th January, 2021, Mr. Lusambo wrote on his Facebook page accusing him of being the proprietor of a social media publication called Koswe.

Mr. Katambo says the defendant accused him of propelling propaganda with intentions of destabilizing peace and security in Zambia using the said online publication.

The plaintiff says he is not a proprietor, editor nor is he an ardent follower of the same online publication.

He says the defendant could have reported the online publication to relevant authorities to take action instead of amplifying matters in a manner that suggests the plaintiff promotes propaganda.

The plaintiff is therefore seeking an order directing the defendant to retract the defamatory statements.

He is also seeking for reimbursement of sums expended in mitigating the effect of the defenders’ conduct towards him and any other reliefs the court may deem fit. -Diamond TV

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