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Cassper Nyovest speaks on his boxing match with AKA

Cassper Nyovest has sparked the boxing craze that saw Sun City packed for the Celeb City a few months back after losing to Naakmusiq in an evenly matched boxing match.

As he continues to bait potential opponents for his next match, a told Cassper that “this one is scared to face you as well,” sharing an image of AKA.

Nyovest commented and said: “Mxm, useless that one. I’m even tired of calling him out. No balls.”

In his defense, he has challenged AKA o several occasions and it appears the rapper has not interested in facing him. We’re not sure what his reaction will be once he sees what Cassper said about him.

Slik Talk And Cassper Could Fight Again

Cassper Nyovest might have won his first celebrity boxing match exhibition against Slik Talk, but the YouTuber feels he was robbed. The rapper shared a WhatsApp message from Slik Talk requesting a re-match.

Cassper and Slik Talk faced off in December 2021 and the YouTuber lost. He feels as though he did not train enough for the match, so he deserves another chance.

“If I trained the fight would be very different. I deserve a fair one,” the said in his PM to Cassper.

Cassper mocked Slik Talk and said, “Not SLIK TALK wanting to get his ass whooped again.”

Cassper Vs Priddy Ugly A Possibility

After calling out Slik Talk, which many tweeps was bizzare seeing that Slik Talk is a weaker opponent and Mufasa said nothing since losing to Naakmusiq.

Priddy Ugly called him out and said he hasn’t responded to his calling to fight and that he is picking on Slik Talk

Ek se Abhuti Billiato, I was never scared. You hit my line & called me up about a fight & I gladly said yes, I didn’t hesitate, I didn’t stutter.

If you “Iron Mike” foreal, you can’t be fighting people who can’t fight. Seems to me like you the scared one.

Cassper reponded and said that he is game, calling Priddy Ugly easy money.

You got my number

I called cause I a man of my word. You once tweeted saying you wanna get in the ring with me cause everyone was ducking. Size wise,im way bigger than you, skill wise I am way more experienced than you. YOU EASY MONEY for me but if you really sure you wanna do this, let’s rock!!!

Cassper also said that he hopes Priddy Ugly is not a chancer and that he’ll actualy live up this word.

I hope Priddy Ugly isn’t another one who is gonna tweet & go hide in the studio like princess & ma drugs. Lol… He ouchea sounding very confident when he applying for a serious ass whopping. Could we possibly see #CassperNyovestVsPriddyUgly this year? It’s about to get ugly!!!

Tweeted the South African Hip Hop legend


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