Brace yourselves for Pangas, Bullets and Teargas: UPND warns the public

UPND firebrand aspiring councillor for Kamwala Ward 5 Mainda Simataa (center) says the time has come for party youths to mobilize massive self-defense units in preperation to secure an election victory for HH, and economic salvation for the suffering Zambian people in 2021.

Simataa was reacting to threats of violence and tribal remarks issued against the UPND by PF chief cadres Innocence Kalimanshi and Nathan on the assignment program televised live on MUVI TV last night. The duo declared that UPND would not be allowed space to campain or speak to voters in any PF stronghold, except in their Tonga territories.

Simataa said the statements were consistent with the PF modus operandi for elections, adding that no one should cheat themselves that there will be incident-free and fair elections in 2021.

“If we really want peace, if we really want to win big as UPND, then we must prepare for the worst-case scenario, while hoping for the best outcomes. We must build-up overwhelming self-defense and vote protection units around every polling station to be manned by patriotic Zambians themselves, people prepared to move against PF pangas, tazer-guns, teagars, and even live bullets, because PF will not go down without a fight”.
Simataa adds that what people must understand is that PF is not the political party that Sata founded, but a bunch of political degenerates transformed into a sophisticated crime syndicate overun and overseen by a gang of thieving elites who’ve stolen way too much, and committed so many heinous crimes.

He said PF cadres like Innocent and Nathan understand very clearly that a loss of power for Lungu means poverty and destitution for them, and jail time for their erstwhile patrons and sponsors. “So expect that they’ll do anything to keep the stolen loot like a dog protects a bone. They’ll fight to the bitter end before losing power. We must understand that, and make sacrifices to meet them head-on”.

Simataa who’s also Kabwata Constituency Information and Publicity Secretary said that he wasn’t shocked when he watched PF cadre Innocent Kalimanshi and Nathan preach hate, intolerance and political violence against the UPND live on MUVI TV. “They’re paid for violence. They’ve been instructed to openly declared war on UPND, they have even gone further to declare Chawama which they call their camp, as a war zone with 1, 500 voters card-carrying PF militia whose job is to clobber anyone putting on a red t-shirt or speaking Tonga in their space.

“These PF criminals cannot be met with diplomacy, kid-gloves and speeches of democracy, they understand only one language – a superior show of force and overwhelming numbers, and that’s our only hope for change”, said Simataa.

-Zambian Observer

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