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Buhle’s n#des are making it hard for her to breathe in Gomora


Since Buhle’s n#de pictures were leaked on Gomora, the 15-year-old has been breathing through a straw every time she steps out of her house because of all the mockery and unsolicited inappropriate looks she receives.

Fans of the telenovela have been sympathising with the young girl who learnt not to trust fake friends the hard way. After being warned by her boyfriend not to put their relationship on blast, Buhle went and did exactly what she was told not to do. Her showing off worked against her big time when one of her classmates stole her semi-naked pictures from her phone and published them on the internet.

Buhle in Gomora

Now, in addition to the worry that her parents and Ntokozo‘s parents will find out about their nudes dominating social media timelines, Buhle has to deal with grown men who undress her with their eyes.

viewers were left cringing when Buhle was undressed by an old man with his eyes while she was at her grandma’s tavern.“Haibo! That dude was out of line! Buhle is only 15! What is wrong with men?” one tweep said.

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