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Bujy Bikwa speaks about his reality show

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He’s a DJ, a presenter, a singer, a television producer, an actor and now, Bujy Bikwa is adding reality TV star to that list. Speaking exclusively to TshisaLIVE, the media personality revealed that he was working on a reality TV show set to make the small screens in 2021.

“I’m looking forward to working on my reality TV show … It’s things that I’ve wanted to do that I’ve always been scared of and now it’s time. I’ve got a channel that’s working on it and I also have a full team that are trying to see what light I want to share with the world because I do not want it to be fake, I want them to see my two-bedroom apartment, I want them to see me, to see Orange Farm. I want it to be very genuine,” he said.


Following his exit from Metro FM this year after they introduced a new line-up, Bujy says that soon, his fans will be able to hear him on radio again after he recently joined Viva Nation Radio as the lunchtime host.


“I am starting my own show called The Midday Saga with Bujy … I anticipate a lot of growth. I’ve always been a co-host in my life, this is the first time that I am literally the anchor of the show,” he said. After his personal Instagram account got hacked, Bujy has developed a bit of mistrust for social media platforms but says that he’ll be using other avenues to speak his truth.

As a guest host on one of the podcasts on MacG’s Podcast and Chill network, the star got a lot of heat. Bujy was criticised for his comments on polyamory (fostering romantic relationships with more than one partner), when he likened the practice to “glamourising sexual promiscuity”.


The media personality reflected on the time.

“It’s easy for us to say ‘cancel Bujy’ he’s exposing us… One thing that hurts me and the worst pain that I have ever felt in my life [is that] I’ve got the most hate from my queer people, not from heterosexual people. Once we see ourselves as equal human beings, we’re able to take care of each other … especially because we are a minority.

“I need a moment for myself to be able to tell the stories the best way I see them, and to be able to interact with the queer world the best way I see fit,” he added.

The Queer Way Of Life host has a lot in the pipeline as his podcast has become a success, and he says his fans have a lot to look forward to.

“I’m releasing a joint album with my sister, Rudo Love, late this year or early next year. We’re a new duo.”

Bujy went on to say that being a part of Metro FM was the big break his career needed but that he also needed to spread his wings to achieve other goals.

Bujy Bikwa

“Leaving Metro FM was like leaving a boyfriend that I love with all my heart but we can’t be together. I didn’t call any of the radio stations that approached me before … I had to sit back … I was so depressed, I was on antidepressants. A lot was happening with me and for me to find my feet, leaving Metro and being able to breath again, chances are one day with God being in charge, I’d like to go back to Metro as a better person.

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