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Catholic Ndola Diocese Bishop Benjamin Phiri Speaks

Bishop Benjamin Phiri of the Catholic Ndola Diocese framed his farewell speech for the late Father Deodatus Mbebe, who was assassinated in the wee hours of Monday, in a manner reminiscent of the biblical story “Let him who is without guilt cast the first stone.”

Bishop Phiri chastised people for exclusively speaking and publicizing unpleasant things about the late Fr. Mbebe, saying that those who did so were also guilty of sin.

Bishop Phiri claims that anyone criticizing the late Fr. Mbebe and even attempting to leave the church are Jezebels and hypocrites who pursue priests.

After it was said that Fr. Mbebe passed away close to his girlfriend’s home, the death of the priest sparked a media frenzy.

People who are consecrated as priests in the Catholic church and make a vow to serve God are not permitted to be married, which has led to a lot of public curiosity over why the late Fr. Mbebe was dating someone as early as 2002.

Bishop Phiri, in contrast, noted that every person has hidden secrets that, if revealed in front of the public, will embarrass them, and that is why the late Fr. Mbebe should not be judged.

It is regrettable, according to Bishop Phiri, that all that has been heard and said about the late Fr. Mbebe has focused on the sins he committed, with little or no mention of the souls he has saved and converted throughout his 20 years of service to God in the church.

“Many people were converted because of his preaching and became Christians.God is a God of mercy and receives us inspite of ourselves ,because we have been born in his light. He will not abandon us at a time we need him. All of us in here have our secrets and one day we will see all those secrets and they will be displayed and we will all hang our heads in shame,” he said.

Bishop Phiri claimed that ever since learning of Fr. Mbebe’s horrific murder, he has given the matter much consideration and prayer.

“The night of the incident, I was awake .Sometimes we stay up late as servants of God. Something crossed my mind that one of my son’s, my foot soldier has left us. That was a thought. So when I heard, i was deeply disturbed. So I started praying, I prayed for every body, first for the yung man who has gone to God to have mercy on him because we do not know what happened. We do not know what happened exactly. We are ony hearing what people are saying we do not know what is the truth. I prayed that God should have mercy on him because he was a servant of God,” he said.

He has also urged police to expedite investigations by apprehending offenders rather than focusing on the unfavorable reports that have persisted in the media.

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