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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Chagwa talks tough: My word is final!

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Chagwa talks tough: My word is final!

President Edgar Lungu says party members are free to campaign in any constituency.

He, however, said between now and 2021, he will give support to those currently in office.

Speaking in Chilubi during a campaign rally to drum up for a PF candidate for the Chilubi Council Chairperson election, President Lungu says aspiring candidates are allowed to visit constituencies without any form of harrasment and advised incumbent MPs to simply pull up their efforts because the people are the ones that will choose leaders.

He says his word is final and does not require a circular from anywhere, adding that he will, however, support those in office currently between now and 2021.

In Other News: Leaked information on how President Lungu plans to rig the 2021 elections

Election rigging in many of Africa’s democracies occurs through a range of strategies, such as ballot-box stuffing, electoral bribery, violence against political opponents and the emasculation of the independent media that usually serve as the main outlet for opposition parties denied coverage in state-run publications

President Edgar Lungu

Other tactics involve putting dead voters on the electoral register, creating irregularities to obstruct voters and…learn more

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