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Cheated Lusaka woman gives advise to boyfriend’s new fiancé

Chileshe Mwape

A Lusaka woman who took to social media to ‘congratulate’ her purported boyfriend who engaged another woman over the weekend has said she has no apology to make over what she did.

She Wrote: “I had my own reasons for for posting those pictures. My close friends know the lot I went through with that guy & what I had to deal with, emotional and mental abuse, the gaslighting

to say the least. So trust me I’d do it all over again. You people coming to my post saying rubbish, just save it. We have different tolerant levels and react differently to different situations. That was my way of reacting. I am not and have never been the crazy person in a relationship, I was pushed to do this. You don’t go around playing with peoples feelings like it’s some game. Well some people will allow that, not me. Besides , my post was congratulatory in a way. I feel sorry the lady has ended up with a pathetic excuse of a man but it is what it is… we move😊

To everyone who reached out with encouraging texts and calls thank you🤗 🤗🤗I am good. You people with the negative comments fusekeni mweh…I don’t have time for you.”

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