Cheating wife caught stuck with with Ben 10, Sangoma struggles to separate them – Video

South African cheating wife, Lerato, has been caught in bed with her sideboo after they got stuck during s.e.xual intercourse.

While speaking on Stena Redemption show, Johannes narrated what led to him to plant ‘charms-muthi’ in his room to catch his cheating wife, Lerato.

According to him, he says each time he returned from work, he smelt different perfumes and ended up questioning his wife, who denied it.

His wife, Lerato, would tell him that the perfumes were for electricians, mechanics, or different people, who came to their house to work. Johannes says he later became uncomfortable and decided to do something about it.

He heard some people chatting about a particular herbalist, Dr. Kupi Banda, and decided to try him out. According to Johannes, he says he got Dr. Banda’s phone number from Motsweding FM.

Finally, he got to meet Dr. Banda, who gave him some muthis to bury in his room. Surprisingly, the charm worked as it got his wife and her partner stuck in bed.

In the trending video, Dr. Banda, is seen pouring water and reciting some incantations to remove/separate the stuck lovers in bed.

In another video, Lerato’s lover man is heard begging Johannes to destroy the charm from his body, because he’s currently having an itching penis.

Added information: “The name of the show it’s called Stena Redemption. You can watch the show on Sundays, 7:30PM, eReality, channel 108 only on Openview.”

Videos below:

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This is in a matter in which Felistus a Mansa woman in Luapula sued her hubby a farmer for divorce on grounds that he is demanding for more children when he is infertile.

“I love my husband but the problem is that he is forcing me to have a 3rd child when himself is infertile. He knows this because doctors examined us both in 2018 and he was found infertile and that’s how his close relatives encouraged me to start sleeping with his young brother whom I was keeping and despite being younger than me, he managed to sleep with me 84 times and gave me 2 children in 5 years. READ FULL STORY

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