Home Entertainment Chebet Ronoh talks about her struggle with depression

Chebet Ronoh talks about her struggle with depression

Chebet Ronoh talks about her struggle with depression
Online comedian Chebet Ronoh has come out to speak about her battle with depression and suicidal thoughts to her fans, saying she has not been okay.

She apologized for showing her fans a life that was not real because she has not had an interesting journey in the entertainment industry.

Opening up, she said she was not ready for what fame had in store for her.

“I have been wanting to do this video for a long time because you are the reason I am here and I just wanted you to understand where I am coming from.

I started my journey as one of the first video content creators in Kenya. That is why I consider myself the king. So as social media started growing, so did I. So in 2018/2019 is when I started getting recognized.

I finished high school and went to BrookHouse to do sciences because I wanted to become a doctor but that was not my calling and so I left school to join radio and things were looking good at that time.”

Ronoh’s career started early in her life, and that is when life took a not so interesting yet drastic turn for her.
Chebet Ronoh talks about her struggle with depression

“But things were moving too fast and I wasn’t prepared for this. I was on radio but I felt I was very unhappy. I felt like I didn’t want to do it at that time of my life.

It was overwhelming for me and I started getting anxiety a lot. Like I didn’t know I was known. Walking on the road in shorts and a big tee and people would stop me on the road.

People would say hi and I literally panic because I did not know how to respond and what side of me to show. If you know me you know the Ronoh I was presenting was not me. It was a personality I was associating myself with. Which gave me bad anxiety and so drinking was my go-to so that I could get comfortable around people.”

Being in that space cost her a lot, including her real friends and suicidal thoughts took over.

“I lost a lot of my real G’s because people get tired of being there for you and that hit me so hard. When I quit my job I wanted to just focus on Ronoh but it was hard because I did not have my real friends. So many people were using me yet they are not here now.

I was not used to people being all about my business because my mistakes were always amplified and that messed me up. I felt people were really entitled to me.

I broke down and lost myself completely I won’t even lie. It was the worst feeling of my life. I would cry every day. I used to take Ubers everywhere sitting at the back and thinking if I throw myself and no one will care.

I thought maybe I would make people’s life easier and I will stop annoying people. A lot of people talked a lot of sh*t and that got to me.” An emotional Ronoh shared on her YouTube channel

She concluded by saying that she is a new Ronoh and not what we have been seeing because that is a personality she created.
“I am a completely different person now. I will do things that may not be like the Ronoh you know. I am in a different space now.

Do not accept anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts because they do not own you. Your mind is so powerful.” She concluded.