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Chef 187 – Fresh like “ebaume aba” lol

Chef 187 – Fresh like “ebaume aba” lol… The Zambian Top Rapper like a Chef never stops serving.. Today he served some major Fashion Goals when he shared his latest picture on Instagram…

Chef 187 real name Kondwani Kaira shared this picture and said… “Fresh like “ebaume aba” lol 📸 by @davies_tony”

Chef 187

Here are a few more pictures of Chef 187 serving some major fashion goals…

Chef 187
“And then iwe wise nama negative /
Nga picture pakale mm brother pliz”


Chef 187
Teti unkumye ninebo king mu broad way
.Ukunchinga ni robbery mu broad day (light)
Regular lines if you have never played checkers (draft)
#Djhectorgoldallstars2018 📸 by @kreativekingdomzm

And of course, a glimpse of what happiness looks like!

Chef 187 and Yolanda Kayanda
Unwinding with the lovely @miss_kkaya.
Happy youth day to all my fellow youths out there, positivity is the only forward

Keeping on serving!

Source: Instagram/ZambiaNews365

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