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Photographer in hot soup as model Mercy Mukwasa reveals he is a s.e.x predictor

Photographer in hot soup as model Mercy Mukwasa reveals he is a s.e.x predictor

Mercy Mukwasa, a 30-year-old model and entrepreneur, has testified before the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court that photographer Chella Tukuta had asked her to take nude pictures of herself and send to him but she declined.Chella Tukuta

Testifying in a matter in which Tukuta is facing criminal defamation of information minister Dora Siliya, Ms Mukwiza, who is one of the witnesses, told the court that Tukuta sent her a message on Facebook requesting that she takes nude pictures of herself but she refused.

She further told the court that Tukuta persisted in his request and offered to take the pictures of her without her face on them, but she said she still declined.

She said earlier in 2014 while taking part in the Zambian Fashion Week as a model, Tukuta, who was one of the photographers at the event, sneaked into the changing room and took pictures of her in her underwear and started circulating them as his work on Facebook, after which she threatened to sue him and he dared her to do so.

The witness said she started receiving messages from some people telling her that pictures of her in the underwear were circulating on Facebook.

She said at this time, she was out in Japan.

“I told Mr Chella Tukuta to take down the pictures or I would sue him when I come back home. To which he responded, ‘let’s meet in court. By the time I was coming back from Japan, I just decided to forgive him,” the witness testified.

On accusations that Ms Siliya sold girls to high profile people, the witness told the court that she was very disgusted and disappointed with Tukuta’s remarks and further denied his claims that Northern Province Permanent Secretary Charles Sipanje had opened a shop for her at East Park Mall in exchange for s.e.xual relations.

She said the posting that Mr Sipanje opened a shop for her at East Park and that in exchange she had sexual relations with him was completely false.

“Because I have never had s.e.xual relations with Mr Charles Sipanje. The relationship I had with him was strictly business when I worked with him in 2015. I was designing campaign materials for PF and he was one of my contact persons in PF,” Ms Mukwiza told the court.

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