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Somizi coughing & experiencing chest pains – Goes for Coronavirus test

Somizi Mhlongo

If you experience any funny or similar symptoms to those of coronavirus, do not waste time, but rush to the nearest health center for help, who knows?

Idols SA judge Somizi Mhlongo has been tested for the coronavirus, the prominent media personality got checked for the deadly virus after complaining of chest pains and coughing.

Somizi Mhlongo

The star was attended to at a private medical centre and shared a video of the process, however, he bemoaned the prohibitive cost of the test.

In the video, he could be seen talking to those attending to him; “So guys I am at a private hospital to do tests for the coronavirus…but also like my chest, I am coughing so you never know”.

Forgetting about all his flamboyant lifestyle, Somizi was left heart-broken and worried after noticing how much the test cost, this saw him wondering what happens to those who cannot afford it.

“But then I get here and I ask how much it is and they go ‘a thousand four, a thousand five’. That broke my heart. I asked what happened to people who can’t afford it and they say ‘no there are public hospitals,” he said.

He called on the relevant authorities to do something about the issue, saying otherwise more lives would be lost and advised that mobile clinics be instituted at affordable prices or even free of charge.

Somizi Mhlongo

“I feel that something needs to be done about this. Even if I can afford it I think it’s too much (money) and I think they should start putting things in place because it might get worse and we are ready for it,” he added.

Somizi urged President Cyril Ramaphosa to chip in and see to it that something is done in order to make the tests more affordable.

“I think this is where the Department of Health and the Presidency needs to step in and really do something about it because not everyone has access to proper clinics and hospitals and I do not think that people should pay to get tested for something like this,” he said.

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