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Chiawa woman woman killed by a crovodile while fetching water

Norina Mupalazungu

A woman of Kapululira Village in Chiawa of Kafue District has died after she was attacked by a Crocodile as she was drawing water by the Zambezi River.

Elliot Goledema, who is a Youth Leader in Chiawa, confirmed the incident to Kafue Times and identified the deceased as Norina Mupalazungu, who was in her mid 20s.
Goledema told KT that Norina was attacked by a crocodile in Jordan, Chiawa South around 17hrs on Saturday as She went with friends to fetch water.

” Norina went to fetch water with friends and after all friends got their buckets she wanted to get the last bucket full, and that’s how she was attacked on the leg, her body parts have not yet been found”

According to Kafue Times, Goledema appealed to the Department of National Parks and Wildlife to consider cropping Crocodiles as their Population has increased in the Game Management Area.

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