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Monday, June 21, 2021

Chief Chitungulu: President Lungu has unmatched leadership qualities

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Chief Chitungulu says President Edgar Lungu is unmatched in terms of leadership qualities. Speaking when the Eastern Province for Edgar Lungu Development Foundation called on him, Chief Chitungulu said President Lungu has taken development to all parts of the country.

“This man is good; he steps on both good and bad and he does not segregate against anyone. Most of the times, good people are always hated by many people. Like Chagwa Lungu, yes, we know that there are other politicians but they are no match to him. He has taken a lot of development to all parts of the country,” he said.

Chief Chitungulu said sometimes, President Lungu’s appointees destroy his name because they fail to perform according to the expectation of the people.

“A Chagwa Lungu amatipatsa ma positions koma kambiri tilephela ndiye bvuto yamene iyo. Paja ngati talephela ndiyekuti tinthauza kuti tiyipitsa dzina yandani? Koma atsogoleri enangu amalondola udindo uja wamene abapatsa a President koma benangu sibalondola (President Chagwa Lungu gives us positions, but most of the times, we fail, that is the problem! Now when we fail it means we are destroying whose name? Some leaders follow what their positions demand while others do not),” he said.

Chief Chitungulu appealed to government to work on the Lundazi/Chitungulu road and continue with the early delivery of inputs to the valley. And Foundation chairperson Emmanuel Banda said government has given the people in the area access to mobile network and has also built schools.

Mr Banda said government has engaged three contractors to work on the Chitungulu road.

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