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Chief Executive of UPND Sued

A lawsuit has been filed against UPND Secretary General BATUKE IMENDA for allegedly using a free ZAF chopper ride.

BWALYA MALAMA, a citizen of Zambia, has filed a lawsuit against Mr. IMENDA on the grounds that the UPND Secretary General was provided with free transportation by a ZAF chopper during President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’s most recent business trip to Northern Province.

According to Mr. MALAMA, Mr. IMENDA traveled to the Northern Province on August 11, 2022, in advance of President HICHILEMA.

He asserts that Mr. IMENDA’s suspected use of a ZAF helicopter without compensation amounts to misusing public resources.

Mr. MALAMA is requesting a court order requiring Mr. IMENDA to pay for his recent flight in a ZAF chopper to the Northern Province.

According to a statement of claim submitted to the Lusaka High Court, this is the case.

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