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Chief fines widow for mourning husband without authority


A widow has been fined a goat for mourning and facilitating the burial of her husband without informing Chief Munkata. Phallen Mulenga, who lives in Chingola, had travelled to Kawambwa for the funeral of her husband who was murdered there during his visit.

According to tradition and culture in Chief Munkata’s area, no one is supposed to mourn or cry after losing a loved one before informing the chief about the death.
Chief Munkata confirmed this in an interview on Saturday.

Chief Munkata also ordered headman Chitimukulu in whose village the funeral was held to pay three goats for allowing people to mourn without permission from him. “I only received information that someone had died and was buried without my permission in my chiefdom.

According to our tradition, if a person dies, his family has to bring a chicken to my palace before mourning. This is our tradition and everyone has to abide by it. So I have ordered the headman to pay three goats and the widow will pay one goat,” Chief Munkata said.

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