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Chief Mpezeni advises political parties to adopt popular candidates


Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people in Eastern Province says people are sometimes are discouraged from voting because candidates are imposed on them by political parties.

Chief Mpezeni said political parties must adopt popular candidates. He said other political parties think that people in rural areas are ignorant and illiterate and that candidates can just be imposed on them.

“When you give people a person who they want, what can stop them from voting? Sometimes, these political parties make mistakes during adoptions,” Chief Mpezeni said.
He also said people love President Edgar Lungu because he had performed.
Chief Mpezeni said he is happy with the development projects that the PF administration has done.

Chief Mpezeni said as a traditional leader, he will continue working with the government of the day.

“Mwana wako niula alipo osati alimumala akaliye badwe. Mwana alimumala ungamupeleke ku sukulu? (Your child is that one who is there and not the unborn. Can you send the unborn child to school)?” he asked.

The Paramount Chief was speaking when the Eastern Province for Edgar Lungu and Development Foundation paid a courtessy call on him.

And Foundation chairperson Emmanuel Jay Banda briefed the traditional leader that his organization is raising awareness through traditional leaders on the need for people to take part in voting.

Mr Banda said he met Chipata headmen and members of clergy during his Chipata meetings.

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