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Chief Mpezeni breathes fire!

Paramount chief of the Ngoni people, Mpezeni has reacted angrily to information that he had instructed headmen not to entertain UPND campaigns in their areas, saying asking him about meeting his headmen is tantamount to as asking if he had met his own wife.

Well placed sources in Mpezeni’s traditional leadership have told Daily Revelation that the paramount chief ordered the headmen under him, during a meeting held two weeks ago where he admonished them against entertaining UPND campaign activities in their areas.

“He told them that he doesn’t want to hear anyone talking about ba red (UPND) in their villages and that if he hears he will dethrone that headman who allows such activities. The meeting was held two weeks ago at his palace,” the sources said.

But Mpezeni when contacted for comment on the directives to the headmen said: “Ni boza yabantu chabe, sinina iteko ma headman kubauza choncho. Bana boza bakamba chabe I never told them that (Those are lies coming from the people. I never called the headmen to tell them that. It’s just people’s lies).”

But asked if he had met the headmen, Mpezeni got upset, saying asking him about such was tantamount to asking him if he had met his own wife.

“Why munikonshe kuti yayi kuti ningakumane nama headman (Why are you if I met my headmen)? Why munikonsha choncho (why are you asking me that)? There is no need kuti muzinifunsa kuti yayi mwakumana nao akazi banu kapena bwanji bwanji ah nivanga vamu nyumba (There is no need for you to be asking that did you meet your wife or what. Those are matters for my own household),” Mpezeni said and cut the line immediately.

A few minutes later, Mpezeni called back sounding more angry, telling this journalist never to call him again for asking him if he had met his own headmen.

“Hallo iwe asoti ukanitumileko phone asoti ukazinifuntsa chitechi mau opusa ukumvwa (Hello you you must never call me again, you must stop asking me stupid questions. Do you hear)? How can you ask me that did you meet your headmen? Nibako ma headmen olo pena niyangu (Are they your headmen or they are mine)? Don’t ask me such, you hear?,” said Mpezeni angrily.


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