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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Chief Mukuni comes after Lungu – Constitution does not allow you to contest in the August polls

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The Constitution is above your personal interests, so please respect its provisions with regards tenure of office, Senior Chief Mukuni has told President Edgar Lungu.

Mukuni said he was greatly troubled and alarmed at media reports that President Lungu allegedly said that he would extend his tenure possibly beyond 2026.

However, State House dispelled the allegations saying President Lungu will respect the Constitution and that no one was above the law.

“President Lungu was confident that he will win the 2021 elections hence the reference for him to leave office by 2026,” said State House.

But Mukuni insisted that the State House statement was against the provisions of the Constitution.

“Even what State House issued is a danger to peace and national security because it sends wrong signals to his supporters and seriously undermines the pillars and institutions of governance and the sacredness of separation of powers. His apparent assumption in his alleged statement, that he has already emerged victorious, even before the democratic process of elections takes place,” he said.

“I wish to therefore appeal to President Edgar Lungu to use his privileged platform of the Executive arm of government, to sow seeds of unity and love among the people, and assure the nation that democracy and constitutionalism will reign supreme prior and after the August 2021 elections. Our current Constitution does not allow President Lungu to contest in the August Presidential elections. He (President Lungu) should know that the Constitution is above his personal interests and so he must respect its provisions with regards holding office of the Presidency.”

Mukuni, whose chiefdom spans Livingstone, Kazungula and Zimba districts said there is no provision for a third term and that President Lungu’s statements that he will win in August: “Is not only a danger to our democracy but a recipe for national insecurity.”

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