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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Chief Mukuni : I have nothing against the PF

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Mukuni told lands minister Jean Kapata that the PF is free to hold rallies in his chiefdom.

In an interview soon after Kapata paid a courtesy call on him at his Lumpasa Palace on Saturday, Mukuni said he has an open-door policy for all political parties.

“I have nothing against them, political parties, but I would rather point out where they are going wrong especially the ruling party. But as for their activities as a political party, I have nothing against them,” he said.

Asked on the uneven playing field in politics, Mukuni said: “I will not relent on that one. I will keep on pointing out and say that Zambia is for all of us and democracy allows people to keep changing governments if there is fair play”.

“In that way you keep governments on their toes because they realise that if they don’t do their job they are out,” he said.

Mukuni urged youths to register as voters and vote for their preferred political party and candidates who they think can brighten their future.

Earlier during Kapata’s courtesy call, former Kalomo district commissioner Oliver Pelete informed the chief that the PF wanted to first seek his permission to hold a rally to which Mukuni responded that he gives all political parties the freedom to do so.

Kapata on the other hand said: “We come in peace and we intend to go back peacefully. We need your blessings”.

“You have my blessings,” Mukuni responded.

He also thanked Kapata for signing the Mukuni Development Trust permit to develop some piece of land at the Batoka Gorge Hydro-Power dam project.

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