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Chief Mukuni join in calls to have President Lungu’s Immunity removed

Chief Mukuni of Kazungula District in Southern Province has called for the removal of former President Edgar Lungu’s immunity to facilitate investigations of alleged corruption during his reign.

The Traditional leader says no stone should be left unturned in the fight against corruption by the new dawn administration.

He says there is nothing sinister about calling for the removal of Mr.Lungu’s immunity considering that former President Rupiah Banda and President Frederick Chiluba had their immunities stripped off and arrested.

Chief Mukuni has proposed that the law on presidential immunity should be revised to allow for the prosecution of erring sitting presidents.

Meanwhile, Colonel Panji Kaunda has aid that it is not President Hakainde Hichilema that will lift former president Edgar Lungu’s immunity but the evidence that will be established during the course of the investigations.

Col Panji commended the investigative wings on the many cases they are investigating, saying when he and the others were warming over the swelling levels of corruption in President Lungu’s government, they were referred to as being stupid that they did not steal enough during the time their father Dr Kenneth Kaunda was in office.

Col Panji mentioned the several cases which were being investigated by the investigative wings, including investigations into Faith Musonda and the over 62 properties, including three malls restricted by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and seizure of a motor vehicle from Sipande Mugala, who is said to be connected to a very senior politically exposed person hailing from Chawama in the former PF administration.

Col Panji said investigations should be extended to the others also who could be sitting comfortably somewhere and in the event the investigations pointed towards president Lungu, the evidence is what would move the President to submit to its directive.

“He has told us that in bringing the money back no stone will be left unturned. So if the evidence is there, it’s not the President, it’s the law, it’s the evidence which will lift the immunity,” Col Panji said.

Col Panji said the investigative wings must be empowered to be proactive in their operations, by not merely focusing on the alleged offences which were committed in the past, but the offenses which could be committed even now, saying even among the current crop of government leaders “there will be a few bad elements.”

“That’s why we must make the law stronger such that the investigate wings should investigate even the sitting President if they see that he has done something wrong,” said Col Panji, dismissing arguments on immunity when reminded that such investigations could be difficult against a sitting President.

“There is a misunderstanding on the immunity. The immunity is only there when the President makes a decision towards governance. But if he makes a corrupt decision there is no immunity.”

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