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Chief Mukuni praises chiefs who were ready to join Hakainde Hichilema’s convoy to Mpika

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Chief Mukuni praises chiefs who were ready to join Hichilema’s convoy to Mpika

Wise up, don’t play casino with national security, senior Chief Mukuni advises the PF government The Chief says traditional leaders desire to ensure politics in Zambia does not sink to the evil that could destroy the nation.

In a statement, Mukuni thanked traditional leaders around the country, especially from Muchinga, Northern and Eastern provinces who contacted him to express their readiness to join UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s convoy to Mpika if police summon him (HH) there.

“My humble advice to government is to wise up and hold the nation with two hands and not play casino with national security. Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja must strive to be impartial and prudent in the way he superintendents over his officers. It’s only through prudence, trust and goodwill of law enforcement officers, by ordinary citizens that he can manage to police 18 million Zambians. Should the police lose that goodwill because of biasness and professional misconduct, national security will be compromised and no one will be spared with the chaos that may follow,” Mukuni cautioned.

He added that the traditional leaders’ solidarity for Hichilema underpinned their quest for peace and their cherished desire for liberties and basic freedoms for all their subjects regardless of their political affiliations or origins.

Mukuni emphasised that this also shows that Hichilema’s matter was no longer just a political issue that could only relate to a political party, but that it was of national interest to everyone.

“Their Royal Highnesses’ show of solidarity speaks loudly of their desire to ensure politics in our country does not sink to an evil that if left unchecked could destroy our nation. It also testifies to their commitment that Zambian politics is not soiled with dishonest practices,” he said.

He further indicated that in due course, he would inform the traditional leaders of the next course of action depending on circumstances.

Chief Mukuni said both mainstream and social media had been inundated with shocking images of attacks on Hichilma’s convoy by known political cadres that were clearly embedded in the rank and file of law enforcement officers.

“This appendage of violent political cadres within law enforcement cordons apparently with the tacit approval of the police is a new phenomenon that is greatly troubling. Images of cadres blocking public roads with tyres and rocks in order to prevent the passage of Hakainde Hichilema while armed police watched nearby are perplexing. This behaviour confirms to the world that we can no longer count on the police to protect our people,” he said.

“This also highlights citizens’ long-held suspicions that there are ruling party militias under the unfettered protection of the police, although home affairs want to point fingers at other interests, after this well-documented incident, no one must believe them. Equally perplexing is the action by the police to summon the victim for questioning by the same police that turned a blind eye on political militias that mounted illegal roadblocks to trap their intended victim. How would HH trust them if they failed to arrest the political cadres that were throwing stones at his vehicle?”

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