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Chilufya Tayali names Mercy’s child Samson Lusambo

Chilufya Tayali recently visited Bowman Lusambo’s alleged baby mama Mercy who is accusing Mr. Lusambo of neglecting his 4 children who she claims are all fathered by the PF member. Tayali went to buy food for Mercy and ended up naming Mercy’s newly born.

Chilufya Tayali writes

It may seem like some funfair but the situation is serious and it needs our help. We need to get Mercy and her children a house as soon as possible. I spent some time with Mercy from late afternoon till about 30 minutes ago. I am not a psychologist but at least I have some understanding.

Mercy is vulnerable which explains why she has 4 children with Bowman as she claims. In spite of outbursts or emotions you see in her, she has a lot of stories relating to Bowman.

She speaks of the meals that Bowman likes, his birthday, his relatives among other things.

To her, Bowman is the husband and in a way she wants him and she is bitter, that he is with another woman. After fighting to calm her down I managed to put her under control and we chatted normally.

I even managed to name a child, because she has been refusing to name the child, saying the father (Bowman) will do it.

So from today, the fourth born is called Samson, the strong man of the Bible. If whoever the father will wish to change in the future, that’s up to him but for now, a child needs a name.

I am humbly asking that we are now go-ahead to raise K15,000 to rent her a house and go to Chipata to get the other children so that they come and start school.
I know some of you have offered a number of things including kitchen utensils, furniture, baby clothes, please call me up so that I can collect them.

Please contact me or deposit your Mobil on 0966888936 or 0777192375.
I will talk more tomorrow, for now, I am too tired, allow me to rest.

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