Home Zambia News Chilufya Tayali says Tasila Lungu must not condomize

Chilufya Tayali says Tasila Lungu must not condomize

Chilufya Tayali says Tasila Lungu must not condomize

It’s nonsensical for people who have just gotten married to talk about contraception, Chilufya Tayali has said.

The Economic and Equity Party (EEP) president says immediately after marriage, couples should be talking of boosters in terms of “bedroom jobs and fertility.”
Commenting on pictures of President Edgar Lungu’s daughter Tasila and husband Patrick interacting with animals apparently on their honeymoon, Tayali said “honeymoon is not just about playing with animals.”Chilufya Tayali says Tasila Lungu must not condomize
“It’s time to get busy and strengthen the marriage, the two families of the man and woman, grow wealth and secure the future generations,” Tayali added.
He said if his party came into power, it would ban contraceptive advertisements running in the media, because Zambia’s population was too small for the “big and rich Country we have.”
“Look at me, when I got my first wife, from Rwanda, I wasted no time to cause her crave for fresh fish and our first born is now 17 years doing University. I allowed her to breathe for her body to get back in shape and I brought in the second one. Had we continued with our marriage, we would have been counting 5 by now,” he said.
“I am now with Tsega and we are just over a year of our marriage and Kiya is 4 months. We will allow her to grow and let my wife get back in shape as she gets a job, because she is a full time qualified accountant, then…..you can guess,” Tayali added.
He said much as he was separated from his first wife, their relationship will last forever, because of children.
“Diplomatic ties with Rwanda are also naturally sealed, especially when I will be President. No matter how my wife may not like Zambia because it is under developed, she has no choice to renounce the Country or me, because her first born child is Zambian,” he said.Chilufya Tayali says Tasila Lungu must not condomize
“Our diplomatic relationship with Ethiopia is naturally stronger and we will work with them to realise my United States of Africa which was started by great leaders like Col. Gaddafi, killed by the Westerners who are killing our unborn children using contraceptives and abortions, then Kwame Nkhruma the great Panafricanist,” he added.
Tayali said when he comes to rule, it will not be business as usual.
“Getting back to Patrick and Tasila, as well as other new couples, don’t waste time playing, that is for those who are not married. When you get married it is time to make babies. Of course I am aware of those who may not be able to have children (biologically) in their marriage, but that is because they are selfish otherwise they would still have children. They are so many orphans why should you stay alone in the pretext that you can’t conceive. Go get children from the orphanages and be parents,” he said.
Tayali said for Zambia to develop, “we need numbers.”
“Zambia’s economy will not grow exponentially, unless our population increases. There is no big economic without people to grow it, which is why EEP starts with fundamentals of “FAMILY MUST COME FIRST!”.
He said under his administration, families and reproduction will be highly encouraged but those who adopt children will get more incentives, because he did not want children to be without parents as that was not African.
“So, Patrick and Tasila, those lions should turn into children sooner than later,” Tayali demanded.
Source: Kalemba