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Chinese man taken to court for threatening to kill girlfriend with a knife

A 28- time-old man of Chinese decent has been given a restraining order by the Lusaka Magistrate Court after he allegedly hovered to kill his 34- time-old gal with a cutter.

Huang Yawen is contended to have on May 27th, this hovered Wang Yin by telling her that “ I’ll kill you, ” whilist holding a cutter.
When the matter came up before justice Mbuywana Sinvula, Yawen contended not shamefaced to the charge of hanging violence.

In court when called to the stage to make an operation for a restraining order, the victim asked court to Grant her the same as she was spooked.
“ I was talking to him about some normal effects, but he wanted to beat me and he was also using insulting language. He always wants to beat me and talks about wanting to kill me, so I’m asking the court for protection. He’s my swain and we’ve a child together who’s Seven months old, ” she said.

still, Yawen told court that he didn’t do what he was being indicted of and went on to tell court that he’d substantiations to help him prove the same.
Magistrate Sinvula in her ruling ordered the indicted not to be in contact with the victim and asked him to restrain himself from being near her until after proceedings had taken place.

“ The indicted should also vacate the house and should leave it for the victim and their child untilproceedings.However, police bond will be abandoned, ” she said, If he goes against the this.
She also set inception of trail for July 20, this time.

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