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Chinese Nationals Arrested for Worker Assault

For allegedly beating three Zambian employees at their Company Giant Casino in Kitwe’s Parklands, police on the Copperbelt have detained five Chinese nationals.

The staff were charged with conspiring with customers by marking “Play Cards,” providing the consumers a chance to dubious win the game.

According to Copperbelt Police Commissioner SHARON ZULU, who verified the development in Kitwe, the action enraged their Chinese superiors, who began assaulting the three with slaps, punches, kicks, and a board during interrogations.

Ms. ZULU claimed that the beatings left CHILUMBA MULENGA and TAMMY PUMULO with generalized body pains, as well as MASE BWALYA with a severe cut on his right ear and other injuries.

In a statement, the police commissioner listed the five suspects in police custody as Kitwe residents STEVE LIN, 33, WEI WEN, 41, TONG ZI MING, 30, SARAK CHOM, 33, and LINY YU HUI, 49.

Following a tip from one of the company’s employees, KANGWA KAMANDO, the UPND Copperbelt youth chairperson, arrived with the police early this morning to rescue the three workers who had been imprisoned in one of the casino’s rooms since 22:00 last night.

Mr. KAMANDO has additionally cautioned foreign investors from mistreating their employees.

Lawrence Mwanza, the district commissioner for Kitwe, declared he would see to it that the law was followed.

Investors who are upset with the behavior of their employees, according to Mr. MWANZA, should adhere to established protocols.

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