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Chipata man sentenced to life for murdering two-year-old step daughter


The Chipata High Court has sentenced a 30-year-old man of Sinda district to death for murdering his two-year-old step daughter.

And a Petauke resident has been jailed 99 years for manslaughter. Lusaka judge Kazimbe Chenda, who was sitting in Chipata, jailed Aliyele Phiri of Kachamba village for murdering Sarafina Phiri on December 15, 2019.

The prosecution called five witnesses to prove its case but Phiri did not call any witness in his defence.

The deceased’s mother Melesiya Mvula who was the first prosecution witness told the court that on the material date, she left home for Mtandaza area and that the deceased who was 2 years 11 months old and her other ten-year-old daughter were left under the care of the convict.

Mvula said she was later informed that she needed to return home because her daughter was unwell.

She said when she returned home, she found that the deceased was very weak.
Mvula said at the time she went home, the accused was not around.
She said when the deceased was taken to Mtandaza clinic, it was discovered that she was bleeding from her private parts.

Mvula said the deceased was later taken to St Francis Mission Hospital where it was discovered that she had a broken rib, and damaged internal organs as well as broken neck.

She said the convict ran away when he heard that the deceased had died.
A ten-year-old child who was left at home with the now deceased told the court that the accused gave her K20 to go and buy salt and told her that he would take care of the deceased.

Namonda Mutendewa, who was the arresting officer, said she received a report of alleged defilement and murder adding that her investigation established that the deceased was bleeding from the private parts.

But in his defence, Phiri said on the material date he left home at 06: 00 hours for the field and when he went back home at 12:00 hours, he found that the deceased was sick as she was sleeping and vomiting.

He said the deceased was near a 50 kg sack which he left in a standing position but was now lying down which suggested that it fell on her.

Judge Chenda said the prosecution proved beyond any reasonable doubt that the accused atrociously assaulted his step daughter, including sexually, resulting in her death.
He also said the prosecution has also proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the accused was possessed with malice aforethought. Judge Chenda sentenced Phiri to death.
And Judge Chenda sentenced Kachingwe Daka of chief Mumbi’s area in Petauke to 99 years imprisonment with hard labour for manslaughter.

Daka caused the death of his 2-year-old daughter Juliana Daka in 2018.

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