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Chirundu Pharmacist arrested for drug theft

Police in Chirundu has charged and arrested a Pharmacist for stealing drugs at Chirundu district Health Centre. Police say Ceazer Kagoli, 37, a Pharmacist at Chirundu District Health Centre has been charged with three Congolese nationals.

Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said Kagoli has been charged with theft by public servant while the Congolese nationals are jointly charged with theft. The Congolese nationals have been identified as Joseph Kasongo, Gregory Busomere and Joseph Nsangu.

“Facts of the matter are that on 16th September, 2021, a team of Police officers at Kipushi Border Post, Mushindano District in Northern Western Province impounded a truck which was carrying assorted medicines destined for Congo (D.R.C.). Upon interviewing the driver, he revealed that he was instructed by Joseph Kasongo, Joseph Nsangu and Gregory Busomere, Congolese nationals to transport the medical drugs,” Hamoonga said.

“After further investigations, Zambia Police and Zambia Medical Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) recovered more drugs in Lusaka and Chirundu from the following the four suspects: Ceazer Kagoli 37 a Pharmacist at Chirundu District Health Centre and three Congolese nationals namely: Joseph Kasongo 29, Gregory Busomere 43 and Joseph Nsangu 45.”

He said the value of the recovered drugs is K35, 803.75. He said the suspects are in Police custody and will appear in court soon. Hamoonga has warned those that are involved in pilfering medical drugs in government hospitals that they will face the law.
“We would like to warn all those that are involved in pilfering medical drugs in government hospitals that are meant to benefit the citizenry that as police we shall use all legal means at our disposal to ensure that they face the full wrath of the law,” he said.

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