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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Chishimba Kambwili – HH nomination crowd was fake, people were brought from all over the country

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PF’s Chishimba Kambwili has charged that the huge crowd of UPND supporters that escorted UPND president Hakainde Hichilema when he went to file in his nomination, was a makeshift one as it consisted of followers ferried from across the country.

Tens of thousands of United Party for National Development supporters turned up in Lusaka this afternoon to witness presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema file his nomination forms for the 2021 general election.

According to UPND sources, close to 40,000 people lined the streets leading to the Mulungushi International Conference centre as HH made his way towards the building to submit his nomination forms .

The supporters reportedly came from across the seven constituencies in Lusaka, as well as Kafue, Chilange and Chongwe. They carried signs with messages of support for HH and cheered as his convoy drove past.

By contrast, President Edgar Lungu only had 14 witnesses in attendance when he filed his nomination papers on Monday.

Clearly the UPND’s message of ‘Change’ is cutting through with voters, who are keen to see a shake up from the last ten years of Patriotic Front government.

Mr Hichilema is running on platform which places economic recovery at the top of his party’s list of priorities. He says he wants to ensure that Zambians have better jobs, better education and are able to put food in front of their families.

He also wants to see an end to the violence and corruption, which for too long has plagued Zambian politics. Writing on his Facebook page yesterday, he urged his supporters to maintain the “highest levels of order and discipline” and not to undermine the important democratic undertaking which Zambia is witnessing.

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