Home Scandals Choma man drags choirmate to court for B0NKING his wife

Choma man drags choirmate to court for B0NKING his wife


A businessman of Choma’s Zambia Compound is demanding K12-thousand Kwacha in the Local Court from his choirmate who he accuses of sleeping with his wife.

Byta FMs Court Beat Journalist reports that Owen Mwanze, aged 35 testifies that the amount is a balance from the initial K13-thousand Kwacha after Simon Bayani paid One Thousand Kwacha as admission of guilt.

The defendant, however, denies ever having an affair with the plaintiff’s wife and accuses his friend of wrongly accusing him.

Mwanze testifies that he found love messages from the defendant in his wife’s phone in August 2020 and confronted his spouse who admitted having an affair with Bayani.

Byta FM Court Beat Journalist reports that Mwanze testified that his wife also admitted that they were meeting at night in his house when he is out of business.

Bayani admits paying One thousand Kwacha when confronted, but says only because Mwanze, a man he describes as his friend threatened him.

He has since applied for an adjournment as he seeks to call witnesses to help him in the matter.

Magistrate Siachitema has since adjourned the matter to 19 April 2021 for continued defense

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