Choma woman hopes to grow hips after joining PF

A woman of Choma has said she would have been an attractive and curvaceous woman if she joined the ruling Patriotic Front a long time ago.

Mwaangala Nalisa was among 71 people shifting their allegiance from the UPND and other opposition parties to the PF during a braii hosted by the ruling part ruling party mobilisation chairman Bowman Lusambo at Choma Hotel Saturday night.

The slender Nalisa said being in the opposition haf prevented her from making “structural” and economic progress.

She now vows to actively campaign for President Edgar Lungu and the entire PF ahead of the 2021 General elections.

And Yotam Muchindu who was also among the defectors noted that PF members looked healthier compared to their opposition counterparts, hence the reason of joining what he called the winning team.

And speaking during the same event, PF Southern Province mobilization Committee coordinator Oliver Pelete revealed there are more people in the province who are willing to cross over to the ruling party.

Pelete attributed this to the development which they have seen happening in the province such as the construction of the Kazungula Bridge and Mazabuka / Kafue road among other things.

He added that the Party shall ensure massive mobilization in the province to win more support and votes for the general elections next year.

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