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Chongwe man gets police beating over K700 debt

Benjamin Phiri

Mr Benjamin Phiri of Chongwe district has lodged a complaint against three policemen who beat him up and bundled him in a vehicle before taking him to Manda Hill Police post where he spent a night owing someone K700.

Mr Phiri narrated to Zambia Reports that he was at his home last week when police officers arrived and asked if he was Benjamin.

Upon agreeing that he was Benjamin, police officers started beating him up and later took him to Manda Hill police post where he was informed that his apprehension was because of the K700 debt owed to a man who hired him a compactor.

“Yes, I owed someone a K700. I hired a compactor from him and I told him I would pay him once I receive payment. But he decided to report me to the police and the police also didn’t give me chance to explain anything. When I just agreed that I was Benjamin, they started beating me up without me knowing the crime I committed,” Mr Phiri complained. “They beat me up terribly and threw me in their vehicle and took me to Manda Hill police post over a civil matter. As I speak, I’m still in so much pain.”

He said he has since lodged a complaint against the police officers at Chongwe Police Station and hopes the law will take its course.

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