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Christmas comes early for a young motivated Kabwe boy


The boy in yellow always stood by some shop in Kabwe at 1600 hrs just watching kids disembarking from these school buses.

The owner of the shop Hagra Tembo who posted on FB asked him why he is always at the shop that time and he said “Ndaisa mukutanba abanandi baleinuka Ku skulu.”

Social media was touched and within hours there were plenty pledges toward getting the boy in school, monies was being sent, people pledging books and trying to get hold of the family while others pledged transport money and buying him a bag.

Hagra started moving round looking for space but unfortunately all government schools said they didn’t have space. A number of private schools called and made offers, including this same School, Chamatha, which he admired.

They offered him a bursary from grade one to 7 but only transport fees, and a few essentials are to be paid. He took the boy for a haircut, bought him a uniform, books, shoes and all.

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