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Church Applauds Recruitment of Teachers

The hiring of almost 30,000 teachers, according to the United Church of Zambia in Muchinga, will enhance the provision of high-quality education, particularly in rural areas.

The majority of schools in rural areas need teachers, according to UCZ Muchinga Province Bishop Reverend FESTUS CHULU, who has praised President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA for the successful recruitment. He claims that as long as government projects are for the benefit of the populace, the Church will continue to support them.

According to Bishop CHULU, the government is on the right track and deserves all the support it needs to carry out the various goals it has to transform the nation. The clergyman was speaking during the Muyombe Congregation’s induction event for Rev. SIMON BWEUPE as Minister in Charge in the Mafinga District.

Robert Chabina, a Mafinga member of parliament, asked parents to make sure their kids attend school because the government supports high-quality education.

According to Mr. CHABINGA, because the government has made education free and hired more instructors, parents shouldn’t have an excuse for not sending their kids to school. He commended the administration for making sure that teachers hired were from the local areas because this would prevent any of them from asking transfers.

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