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Church Instructed To Take Firm Stance Against Sodomy

The church has been exhorted to take a strong stance against sodomy since the nation is at battle with moral deterioration, according to MUTALE NALUMANGO.

The church needs to speak out against sodomy, according to Mrs. NALUMANGO, who is also the Acting President, since it undermines national morality and values.

Mrs. NALUMANGO said the church must provide spiritual leadership and be unified in its fight against sodomy during the State-Church Dialogue held at Government House in Lusaka this morning.

Independent Churches of Zambia President DAVID MASUPA declared during his speech that the church is opposed to sodomy and will support the government in its fight against it.

Bishop MASUPA claims that although President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has always opposed sodomy throughout the years, he is now being compelled to speak out by the public.

As a result of sodomy not being a political issue, the Seventh-Day Adventist Church has counseled politicians to avoid the subject.

According to TOMMY NAMITONDO, president of the SDA North Zambia Union Conference, sodomy is a moral matter that the church should handle spiritually.

Francis Mukosa, secretary general of the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops, claims that the Catholic Church has consistently maintained that sodomy is not acceptable.

However, Father MUKOSA advises persons who engage in sodomy to get counseling because their actions are undesirable.

And the Executive Director of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia, Andrew Mwenda, claims that the Zambia Police have not been proactive in assisting the government in combating sodomy in the country.

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