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Cindy Makhathini has some amazing Dance Moves


When the Coronavirus wreaked havoc in Wuhan in China no one ever thought it would hit us as well. But a few weeks down the line the chaos of the Covid-19 was also in South Africa and we had no choice than stay at home. Our favourite South African socialite Cindy Makhathini shared a beautiful picture rocking one of the best in fashion trends…

With the picture, the young Mzansi Celebrity was remembering how it was like when she used to go out. Dress up and look fabulous and go out to a restaurant of your choice and have some amazing food.

Cindy Makhathini

Just the thought of amazing food gets us going… Anyways back to Cindy Makhathini, she shared the above picture and said – Back in the days when we were allowed to go out😩… 

The crying emoji right there signifies how much she misses going out and having that special time. All of us are missing all these moments… A little sun at the beach with friends and family or a night out on a boat ride with that special person. But there is really nothing we can do until the disease (Covid-19) is under control.

Since Cindy Makhathini is on Lockdown like the rest of us, she seems to be making the best of the situation. According to her Instagram pictures, Cindy seems to be having a blast and showing off a few dancing skills as well.

Cindy Makhathini

After mentioning Cindy Makhathini’s dancing skills I know it will be unfair not to share such a video. So here you have it, Cindy showing off her dance moves (Cindy Makhathini Twerking) in the video below… Tell us what you think about her talents in the comments below.


We take this moment to thank her for making this Lockdown less boring. Her pictures and dance moves…mmm. I am sure DStv becomes boring at times since there are no sports…

In Other News – DJ Black Coffee is enjoying family time

With the increasing number of Covid-19 cases being reported worldwide, international DJ Black Coffee is grateful to be spending time at home with his family. Though he had to put his 2020 plans on hold in terms of his brand as a DJ, Coffee revealed that he was using this lockdown period to focus on the healing process after a rocky divorce from ex-wife Enhle Mbali, and on being a father to his children.

During an Instagram LIVE Q & A with Scoop Makhathini on Soulistic Agency’s handle, Coffee explained how he was devastated by the Covid-19 outbreak as he had to put his tours and gigs on hold. He, however, was grateful for the abrupt break. Last year, I was going through a divorce and I had to wake up and go and not deal with me. I couldn’t sit down and look at what was my contribution to my loss. Continue Reading on DJ Black Coffee…