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Citizens teargased in Nakonde due to riot

Nakonde riots politically motivated – acting DC

NAKONDE Acting District Commissioner Alex Sinkala has condemned the riot caused by the lockdown saying they are politically motivated.

Moments before mid-day, residents of Nakonde, the epicenter of Zambia’s COVID-19 cases took to the streets to protest the lockdown effected last week.

Police officers responded by shooting volleys of teargas to disperse the crowds.

According to witnesses, motorbike riders sparked the riot after they decided to defy the lockdown.

Some witnesses said, people got angry after a motorbike was impounded by police and demanded for it’s release.

Sinkala who is also the District Administrative Officer has been quoted Chete FM news saying there are “leaders who are inciting people.”

“Stop it! It’s nonsensical and you’re not actually portraying a good picture of a quality leader that we want for the future of this nation,” Sinkala said.

He has told people of Nakonde to “rise against such evil leaders because this is selfishness at its greatest degree.”

“If there are those leaders, am sending this information to them, you’re actually a stupid leader,” he added.

Earlier in the day, Muchinga Province Minister Malozo Sichone told Chete FM news that the opposition have been organising people to rise against government.

He urged people to stay home until further guidance on the easing the lockdown was given today.

The lockdown of Nakonde was imposed after the district recorded the highest Coronavirus cases in a single day for Zambia after the first round of tests.

Zambia’s border town with Tanzania accounts for over 50% of the country’s cumulative total which stands at 832.

Credit: Chete FM

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