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Friday, September 17, 2021

Civil servants to undergo testing before admission

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Civil Service Commission, Vice Chairperson Hilary Chipango said government will introduce assessment systems for people who would want to be admitted to the civil service.

Mr. Chipango said the assessment system will allow government to employ quality professionals to the civil service.

He noted that more needs to be done to have a civil service that can perform and serve the people with distinction.

“We need the civil service to increase on their performance so as to contribute to enhanced National productivity,” Mr Chipango said

Mr Chipango added that government is in the process of introducing the school of national governance which will be tasked with equipping civil servants with skills.

He said the school of national governance shall follow the old system where civil servants will be required to undergo refresher courses at the National Institute for Public Administration (NIPA) in a short space of time.

Mr. Chipango said this during the sensitization meeting with public service workers on the integrated productivity policy in Mbala today.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Labour and Social Security Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kaziya has challenged civil servants to increase the level of productivity to enhance national growth.

Mr. Kaziya said this is why the ministry is considering introducing a performance based system to assess the level of performance of civil servants.

“We as a ministry are introducing performance based systems so as to assess performance,” Mr Kaziya said.

The Permanent secretary also disclosed that government in conjunction with smart Zambia will introduce online systems that will enable aptitude tests to be conducted online.

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