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Cleo Ice Queen – Salutations ba Zambia, Let’s be great ba Zambia

Cleo Ice Queen

Musician and Radio personality Cleo Ice Queen took to social media today as Zambia celebrates Independence. She had a lot to say together with an amazing picture. We thought these words are worth sharing every day.

Cleo said –  Salutations ba Zambia. Today, we celebrate 55 years of independence, a freedom we acquired through bloodshed! However, we shall never truly be free for as long as our brothers and sisters are unable to benefit from the resources that were fought for by our freedom fighters. We shall never be truly free, if mentality and economically we are not free. A mother will never feed or polish herself while overlooking her children and allowing them to sleep hungry. This is why on this independence day we pray; May WE, as Mother Zambia, take care of our children. Shall we cultivate and nurture this blessed land so we may feed.

May we unite so that we have one voice! May our mindsets change towards taking responsibility for ourselves a NATION. May all who were birthed from this soil take care of it, so it may birth many more. May we take care of this land so that even those that come after us, when we are long gone, may find the richness that God blessed Zambia with. A nation is only as great as its people. Let’s be great ba Zambia!
Happy Independence my Beloved Zambia 🇿🇲 ♥️🧡💚🖤

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Some words of Wisdom there and we like that she is encouraging us all to step up and make Zambia great. How are you spending your Independence Day?

In Other News – President Lungu’s 55th Independence anniversary address to the Nation

Countrymen and women:  Good evening.  Tomorrow marks our country’s 55th Independence anniversary. As per tradition, I am delighted to address the nation on the eve of this very special day in the history of our country.  Fifty-five years after Independence our generation can look back with pride, admiration and appreciation to our forefathers and mothers who waged a protracted struggle for Independence from colonial rule. We are grateful to them and above all to God, that we are here today to witness and celebrate this momentous occasion. It is important that we understand our country’s journey, both pre and post-Independence.

The struggle for Independence laid a strong foundation for our freedom. Those who fought for this Independence had a vision of a people and nation that was free, united and strong. Each time we sing the national anthem, we recite the words at the core of their vision: free, united and strong. continue reading