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Clergyman demands removal of contraceptive advert from ZNBC


A Ndola-based clergyman has called for an immediate withdrawal of an advert running on the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) television promoting the use of contraceptives by young people.

Ndola Pastors Fellowship chairperson Mulenga Chilekwa said the advert on ZNBC depicting an African woman encouraging a boy and a girl in a relationship to use contraceptives is not a true representation of an African woman.

Reverend Chilekwa said in a statement issued to ZANIS in Ndola today that Zambia is a Christian nation with a rich African culture that teaches abstinence from sex outside marriage.

“The advert is indirectly encouraging sex before marriage among young people which we find unacceptable in a Christian nation and it conflicts with our Christian and traditional norms. Contraceptives were originally designed for birth control among married couples, which is also referred to as family planning,” he contended.

He added that young people should be encouraged to concentrate on studies, work, wealth creation, and no sex before marriage.

He further said there are other better ways of encouraging young people to stay away from teen pregnancies as contraceptives are never meant for use by young people in school.

Rev. Chilekwa has since called on the Ministry for National Guidance and Religious Affairs to show leadership by stopping the further weakening of the minds of the children.

The clergyman observed that Zambia has rich Christian and cultural values and encouraging sex among young people is not one of them.

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