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Commander Ice Cleo Queen reporting for duty – Photos


Gather around… panali panali 🗣👂🏾

The only bird that dares to peck an Eagle 🦅 is a raven. It sits on an eagles back and bites it’s neck.Ice Cleo Queen

However, the eagle does not respond or fight with the raven. It does not spend time or energy on the raven, it just opens its wings and begins to fly higher in the sky.
The higher the flight, the harder it becomes for the raven to breathe and the raven eventually falls due to lack of oxygen.

Not all battles you need to respond to, not all arguments or critics you need to answer back…Just lift your standard, they will fall off. Stop wasting time with the “ravens”, just push yourself to a greater height and they will fade away.

May the Lord take you to greater heights … have a blessed week

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