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Concourt reverses Kafwaya’s nullification of his Lunte parliamentary seat

THE Constitutional Court has reversed the High Court’s decision to nullify Mutotwe Kafwaya’s Lunte parliamentary seat and declared him duly elected.

Last November, judge Wilfred Muma who sat in Kasama, nullified the election of Kafwaya as PF Lunte member of parliament after he found that losing UPND candidate Chasaya Katongo proved the electoral malpractices allegations against him.

Being dissatisfied with the decision, Kafwaya appealed to the Constitutional Court.

And in a judgment passed today, Constutitional Court judge Anne Sitali reversed Kafwaya’s nullification of his seat.
She said there was no evidence on record showing that Mr Kafwaya committed electoral malpractices during last year’s elections.

In Other News – Yo maps and Kidist set date for their wedding

Zambian artist Elton Mulenga popularity known as Yo Maps, has set a date for his wedding with lover kidist Kifle.Kidist and Yo Maps

Despite the couple making a mistake on the date of their wedding by writing 23rd instead of 23rd, the couple have distributed their cards of the invite. They have set 23rd April 2022 as the date ofLEARN MORE

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