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Cop car flies in deadly car chase – Video

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The Dodge Ram 1 500 bakkie skipped a red robot and a deadly car chase began.  After skipping the red robot, the driver refused to stop and it took Arkansas state police in the USA over 17 minutes to stop him.

The 34-year-old man then drove down a five-lane highway called Zero Street when cops saw him driving into oncoming traffic at high speed.

That’s when the order to stop the bakkie by any means necessary was handed down.

In the video, a cop can be seen in a Dodge Charger pulling up along the right side of the bakkie and hits it at 175km/h.

The bakkie then flips on its side almost immediately and gets stuck upright in front of the cop’s car, as the two veered off the road.

The runaway driver died in the crash and the cop was hospitalised with slight injuries.

-Daily Sun

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