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Corazon Kwamboka hits the Gym after eating a Loaf of Bread

Corazon Kwamboka hits the Gym after eating a Loaf of Bread, not my words but her’s. The bootyful Kenyan Socialite took to Instagram where she shared a video and had this to say…

“Today I ate an entire loaf of bread; cookies, soda etc, trying to feel a little better about the break-up and a major loss I recently experienced, I was trying to make myself feel a little better. Going to the gym is indeed what ended up making me feel better and at peace. Kuachwa ni uchungu dah! 😂😂 Video by my one and only trainer @254_royalfitness #adventuresofgenie #celebritylawyer #askcorazonlaw”corazon kwamboka

Be sure to check out the video below but first, we need to analyse Corazon Kwamboka‘s statement there… Seems the Boooty Queen is single and been taking it out on a full loaf of bread and soda.

Earlier she shared a picture where she said, “I’m back! And back is good”, Clearly, this break-up might have hit her very hard and we hope our favourite socialite is doing much better after she announced that she is back…

orazon Kwamboka
The people I admire most are people who are consistent with diet and work out… I have never been able to hold down a diet past 2days and workout more than a month. Once I notice that I’m starting to look good I relax. I have the will but I don’t have the power. How do you guys do it?

Watch the video of Corazon Kwamboka in the Gym getting her life back on track.

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